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Greater Exposure

By providing Advanced Content Units to Affiliates you can achieve much greater exposure on the Affiliates websites. Instead of a simple banner or creative promoting you, the Affiliate can display a dynamic, interactive Content Unit which features an unlimited number of your products.

Stand out from the crowd

The Affiliate Marketing space is a congested one with many Merchants competing for the same Affiliates. By providing Advanced Content Units you are giving Affiliates the additional tools needed to promote you over your competition who may only provide simple, standard creative.

No Additional Work

The Content Units uses information from your existing product feed. The Content Units run from our own world class network, so you don't need to invest in additional infrastructure, we take care of everything. Just be ready to handle the increase in sales!

Always Current

Because the Content Units run from your existing product feed your latest product information is used. If a price of a product changes or a new product is added, all Content Units used by Affiliates will instantly update without any intervention by you or the Affiliate.

They look fantastic and we are really pleased with them at Prezzy Box HQ! I think the flexibility of them (with regards to size/dimensions) and the customer interactivity (being able to select by price range etc) as a great step in the right direction.

What I particularly like about them is the fact that they will include all of our top selling products so in theory everything you will be promoting should really be the products that are converting well.

Zak Edwards, Merchant, Prezzy Box
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